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The Team

The Think Tank is formed of experts in all fields of thought and knowledge, academics, connoisseurs, and political, economic, social and cultural activists.

The team will function to:

            i.            identify and define issues and trends.

          ii.            evaluate things that have happened or are about to happen.

        iii.            provide analysis about phenomena.

        iv.            process ideas about issues of concern and turn them into effective and desirable policies and programs.

          v.            play a role as an evaluator and critic of the announced and executive policies of the government.

        vi.            act as intermediary group between the governmental sphere and the social sphere

       vii.            build trust in public institutions and organize their relationship with the government.

     viii.            classify, evaluate and approve issues and programs in all areas of government.

the Think Tank will be able to create currents of thought in the society by analyzing and interpreting issues, incidents and policies that have reached the social and public awareness through the press and media.

Some researchers call Think Tanks as "the waiting center of governance.