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What is the reason to need a think tank?

In the current world, there is a special organization for thinking and research in the field of policymaking, decision making and idea generation that is based on the principle of collectivism and ideation. These centers are known as Think Tanks, which specialized literature have been proposed for them such as the Thought Generating Institution, the thinktank, and the thinktank for them.

In general, the necessities of the formation of a think tank can be examined in three basic areas as follows:

A: The Necessity of government think tank

Government theory of thought is a new model in human thought-making discourse which, in the case of pedagogy, changes the current educational and research literature. The central government think tank is to identify state thinkers and thinkers.

B: The necessity for a think tank in the economic and industrial sectors

Policy-making in the economic and industrial sectors has faced meta-psychological problems due to the diversity of information, lack of managers' time and lack of classification system of incomplete information. To address these deficiencies, independent centers of thought or centers have been formed. The constituent members of this institution are thinkers who have the ability to recognize, analyze, process and policy beyond engineering and technical control.
C:  The Importance of Think tank in Business and Management:

The competitiveness of activities in the field of management and business and the complexity of the competitive environment have made the necessity of forming these rooms more sensitive and important. Some of the necessities and functions of forming a think tank in the business and management sectors can be summarized as follows:

1. Conducting strategic studies and consulting in planning

2. Attention to the topic of technology development and correct technology transfer and technology transfer

3. Culture-building

4. Tracking Human Resource Development

5. Forecasting and Analysis

6. Providing advice on the development of management standards 

7. Providing various business and management solutions

8. Presenting new and practical ideas for the use of industrial and commercial sector managers in the country